What We Do

We combine our expertise and personalized services to deliver strategic and uncompromised recommendations in the best interest of our clients.


Wealth Management

When you’ve been serving wealthy clients for three decades, there are few wealth management challenges you haven’t seen – or solved.

Investment Management

Unlike traditional money managers, Williams Jones offers expertise in multiple asset classes and a broad intelligence pipeline for investment research.

Financial Planning

Each client is unique and our comprehensive approach places our clients at the forefront of the planning process in order to develop and implement the best solutions for their needs.

Each client works directly with a seasoned portfolio manager.
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Complimentary Consultation

Our Value

With so many options of wealth managers in the marketplace, let Williams Jones demonstrate what sets us apart.

We Are Your Trusted Advisor and Fiduciary

Williams Jones believes it is a privilege to be entrusted with the management of client capital.  We have always viewed our position in this regard as a fiduciary.

Preserving and Growing Client Wealth Since 1988

Williams Jones’ overall investment approach to portfolios has always been to meet our clients’ long-term financial objectives without assuming unnecessary risk.

Loyalty and Commitment to Our Clients

Complete loyalty and ultimate commitment to our clients is, and always has been, central to our Firm’s mission.

Customized and Tailored Solutions to Meet Your Comprehensive Needs

Williams Jones does not invest to models.  All client portfolios are managed on a strictly customized basis to meet the individual client’s financial objectives.

Multi-Asset Class Expertise with Extensive Research Capabilities

Our proprietary bond and equity management occupies the core of our value proposition.  We have extensive experience and research resources dedicated to maximizing risk-adjusted return in these core disciplines.

35 Years Average Experience of Portfolio Managers

Our portfolio management team is made up of professionals who have made a life-long commitment to the industry and, most importantly, their clients.