Investment Management

Our investment process is composed of four main elements:

  • Asset Allocation between equity, fixed income, cash and alternative assets for a given portfolio are established to best achieve client goals and meet income requirements. The mix is periodically adjusted based on changes in client needs as well as the changing risk/reward between the various asset classes.
  • Equity Management focuses on constructing a diversified portfolio of growth and high dividend-paying companies that have compelling qualitative and quantitative characteristics.
  • Fixed Income Management focuses on maximizing interest income while minimizing risk to principal. Our conservative approach reduces price volatility and credit risk.
  • Hedge Funds provide an alternative investment with equity-like returns generally not correlated with the stock market.


Build It Right First

Determine Asset Allocation based on each Client's Financial Goals:

  • Depending upon client needs, equity portfolios may have a significant dividend yield component and can have a meaningful international allocation.
  • Hedge fund segment of portfolio is built based on each client's specific needs.
  • Hedge funds are offered to better customize investment programs to best match client goals with best of breed managers in specialized investment alternatives to fixed income and equities.
  • Satisfy income requirements with cash flow from bonds & equities, depending upon client needs and their unique situation.
  • Gauge tolerance to accept risk and allocate non-fixed income assets between equities and hedge funds.


Move Capital to Where it is Treated Best

Critical to Adjust Asset Allocations based on Macro Climate:

  • Globalization, volatility, government intervention and faster pace of economic and financial market changes argues for more active asset allocation management.
  • At various points in time certain asset classes offer better risk-adjusted return profiles.
  • We have no bias to a particular asset class as an equity only manager might. Our mandate is to remain objective and to preserve our client's capital.

Our approach to equity investing focuses on constructing a diversified portfolio of companies that have compelling qualitative and quantitative characteristics.

  • Through our active internal idea generation process and external research network, we are continually developing new investment ideas for our clients.
  • We research these ideas through a rigorous process to determine which can be considered for client portfolios.
  • We invest in leading companies and industries with superior fundamental investment characteristics, including recurring revenue, strong cash flow and high returns on equity.
  • We focus on reasonably valued companies with relatively low expectations rather than high multiple stocks that may have greater price volatility.
  • We favor high dividend paying stocks for portfolio income requirements.
  • We utilize a diversified selection of international securities and emerging market equity funds to gain exposure to overseas economic growth.


Own Leading Businesses


Build a Client tailored Bond Portfolio.

  • Each portfolio is customized to meet client requirements, such as cash flow needs, tax efficiency and income requirements.
  • We favor higher coupon premium bonds with longer stated maturities priced to a shorter call date.  Bonds with these characteristics have less sensitivity to interest rates than par or discount bonds, provides stability during periods of rising interest rates.
  • We build taxable fixed income portfolios around a core of high quality intermediate-term municipal bonds.  General obligation and essential service bonds comprise a majority of our investments.  For tax-exempt portfolios, we invest in mortgage-backed securities and bonds issued by government agencies, municipalities and corporations.
  • We may also utilize bond funds for liquid, diversified exposure to specific sectors of the fixed income market.
  • The below portfolio structures tend to provide high current income and outperform in periods of stable or rising interest rates.  Our goal is to combine above-average returns with low risk exposure over time.


Provides an alternative investment with equity-like returns generally not closely correlated with the stock market.

  • A hedge fund is a private investment portfolio, usually structured as a limited partnership or limited liability company, and open only to accredited and qualified investors. The general partner invests the limited partners' capital based on the fund's investment strategies. The general partner charges an incentive fee based on performance.
  • We select hedge funds based on adherence to an investment style, limited use of leverage, quality of the investment team, risk control measures and historical performance results. We communicate frequently with the fund managers and replace managers who do not perform as expected.
  • We offer access to hedge funds to qualifying clients on a fund-by-fund basis and not a fund-of-funds basis as do most other firms. Accordingly, qualifying clients may be able to access a diversified list of hedge funds.
  • Our approach allows clients to participate in asset classes not generally available, such as distressed debt, merger arbitrage, currencies and commodities.
  • Complements fixed income and equity portfolio allocation to managers with strong performance records and specific expertise.
  • We customize the hedge fund allocation of a client portfolio with our diversified offerings to meet client goals and objectives and to rotate the mix to best reflect current investment opportunities.  

At Williams Jones, we offer an extensive range of high-quality reports to meet our client's reporting needs. Powered by Advent Portfolio Exchange, the industry-leading portfolio management and performance reporting software, we provide detailed analytical reports covering each asset class held in a client portfolio. Our firm also can deliver a consolidated reporting package for multiple client accounts regardless of where a client's assets reside. Clients may elect to receive their reports electronically and also access them online through our website.

A summary of our reporting services is set forth below:

Monthly Reports
Appraisals, Unrealized and Realized Gain/Loss, Income & Expense, Purchase & Sale, Transactions
Quarterly Performance Reports (Consolidated Household)
Market Commentary
Total Assets Under Management
Account Summary
Portfolio Performance
Fixed Income Analysis
Equity Analysis
Hedge Fund Analysis
Portfolio Appraisal
Tax Package Reports
Realized Gain/Loss, with MLP purchase & sale breakout, wash sale report, hedge fund & private equity K-1 checklist and 1099 reconciliation
Interested Party Reports
Reports provided to accountants, lawyers and any other interested parties on our client's behalf
Customized Reports
Individually customized reports to meet client reporting needs