Dear Investor,

Williams Jones Wealth Management, LLC ("Williams Jones") is an SEC registered investment advisor that provides customized wealth management services to private individuals, retirement plans and non-profit organizations. The Firm currently manages $11 billion in equity and fixed income securities and selects outside managers for hedge fund investments.

This website briefly describes the investment products that we currently offer to our clients. What it cannot describe is the more important interplay of these investments in our clients' portfolios and how this has served to protect and grow investment capital in very different and challenging market environments.

Markets have become increasingly complex and volatile. Traditional singular investment approaches do not accommodate enough flexibility or provide adequate dimension to deal with today's compressed market cycles. Where before an investment firm could focus on solely delivering excellent equity or bond management, today it is crucial to understand the constant interplay between these and other market sectors to develop satisfactory risk-adjusted return on investment capital.

What is unique about Williams Jones is that each product's disciplines lie under one roof; around our partners' conference table we are constantly making recommendations as to how your and our capital should optimally be allocated among them. This allocation process is critical in developing high risk-adjusted return. Our size provides the critical mass necessary to establish information networks as extensive as the largest wealth management firm and enables us to actively cultivate outside research relationships that go well beyond any competitor.

We hope you will get a sense of our dedication, consistency and continuity. What has brought all of us together after life-long commitments to this industry is the belief that private wealth management is generally not being well-provided for by the very large or small firms.

One good measure of our success has been the willingness of many of our long-term clients to speak for us about their experience with Williams Jones. We have grown to our present size primarily through client recommendations. Please contact us if we can be of further assistance. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.


William P. Jones, Jr.